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Friday, February 7, 2014

accepting death and celebrating life.

I've shared with a few people- I truly believe heaven needed get-it-done volunteers last week.  Four people who contributed greatly to this community, who personally inspired me past away. It feels like heaven opens up at time and energies move from here to there.

The first I learned about was Ted Barclay.  I met Ted when he held infant Sally while I gave blood at the Granville Rotary Blood drive in 2005.  I knew of him but that was when we learned each other's names. I'm so glad I knew him and I'm so glad I attended his funeral this week.  I learned more about Ted and his impressive legacy.  I took notes and have future blog material.  In particular I loved the quote in by Emerson - Nothing Great Was Ever Achieved without Enthusiasm.

The second was Jill Griesse. This has taken some time to sink in as she was indeed an inspiration for me.  I met Jill during my Denison days at a fundraiser. She has always been a role model for giving, supporting and making things happen for her causes. It was an honor and privilege to know her, be hosted by her and have her share honest rich advice and perspective with me.   I will miss her so very much, but there are others closer who will miss her more and I feel for them with her death.  Her memorial service is Feb 18th and I know it will be a comfort as I process this loss and heaven's gain.

The third was Joe Fleming- Denison's past IT Director and Works volunteer.  It was always fun for me to see this Denison friend volunteering at The Works when I was there with my kids or volunteering myself.  All volunteers that help with school tours and education advise inspire me.  It was an honor to talk with his son and hear the stories of his Granville days.

My week wrapped up with the news about Henry Hook- Newark physician. I didn't know him as well but certainly enjoyed his participation at Works events. He was a dedicated member no doubt because of his passion and interest in technology and science.  His obituary gave me insight and perspective.

I am a person that sees many sides to things.  I understand death is part of life, I accept death but then then I think about a person simply not being here any longer and it baffles me.  This can't be- all of these people did wonderful things and I sooo enjoyed their company- how can they be gone.  Then I think about the loss for their loved ones and I'm sad.  I updated the database at The Works, marked these folks as deceased.  That hit me- we won't mail to them. We'll keep their records for history and certainly continued to be inspired by their good work.  They all leave legacies that will carry on what they started here.   Heaven is in a good place with these four good souls.  Life on Newark-Granville Road is better me, my children, those that came before us and will come after because they were here.

The good news is a beautiful new life was welcomed to our community! Lauren and Canon Krebehene shared the happy news June is a big sister to Freeman William! Perfect timing- life goes on and their is much to love and be thankful for on Newark-Granville Road.  All around there is great comfort in faith, friendships to support us, people to inspire us and hope for the future.

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