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Monday, February 10, 2014

progress on the court…..

The basketball goddess is smiling…..Clare's game at 6:30 tonight, Sally's at 8…Sally played a team that had a Dad at Clare's game so she was able to get a ride…I was able to stay and watch the team win and see Clare play and score- woo hoo!  Then Peter I made it the Intermediate School in time to watch Sally's team battle it out for a one point win- woo hoo!

So Sally's team- Sally's in 3rd grade. Last year it was just 2nd graders playing one another back and forth up and down the court- fun, skill building, fun love of game development, exercise, active happy girls- great coaches, lots of encouragement and fun on the side lines waiting turns- cheers, gymnastics, chitter chatter.  This year- the real deal and the 3rd graders had some catching up to do.  We have some great little players but they didn't look at all like a team.  Big shout out to the great Dad coaches who based on tonight's game have really taught the girls plays, developed their skills all while keeping it fun.  Competition is in there to and that is great for all of these girls.  The "Lean In" movement tell us our girls need this- they need to want to be part of the game, be competitive- and our girls looked great on the court tonight. I'm also happy they still have fun, show lots of enthusiasm and passion- all of them.  We played an outstanding Granville Team tonight. They all have shown tremendous progress in this season on Newark-Granville Road and I'm a proud mama.

So Clare's team.  Clare is playing with a team that is quite impressive.  Many of these girls have been together on travel team and are really really impressive- the 3 point shots, the drives, the ball handling, from day 1 I've been impressed with the speed/pace of this game.  I'm so glad Clare made the team and has had this opportunity. She too has grown and progressed, developed her game and is having fun being with this team. She is staying active and that is good for all of us.  The team moves on to the championship game- they are undefeated and have had quite the season. Thanks to the coach, parents, players for making this such a great experience for my "baby girl"!

Thursday will be another basketball focus day….Clare plays in Utica against Watkins, Peter's team, coached by Joe plays in Granville- unfortunate scheduling for Joe.  Life on Newark-Granville Road is truly about progress and fun to see it happening in the classroom, the court, the house and most of all in all of those that live here.

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