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Sunday, February 16, 2014

making plans….

I always benefit from hearing how others help navigate the fun of a busy home- stay home or working mom- we've all got things to do and not enough time to get it done.  Organization and planning is key, as well as teamwork and collaboration. I'm always grateful for the friend that says- remember we have X meeting. Remember sign-ups for X sport are this week- it is always sooner than I think it is- kind of like those buyers for the retail stores- they have the spring line complete when I'm just ready to move to boots vs open toed shoes.

I don't mind sharing the little things that help me - you've all heard the big picture food planning that was huge for me when kids were younger- Monday pasta, Tuesday food fetti like tacos- things that made mess, Wed we ate out as previous mentinoed food was cleaned, Thursday casseroles and Friday pizza.  Sunday was something big that would be good for leftovers or took more time to cook, family favorite like salmon cakes-mac n cheese.  Now the planning for meals includes- which day is crock pot meal and what do the kids want.  Chipolte Pork is a favorite, chicken with salsa a close 2nd. Roast Chicken on a salad is 3rd place right now.

So how do I even think about the meal planning- it all comes from "this week at the Leithausers" a document I update on Sundays and the sooner the better.  Lately I've updated early in the morning and I feel all the more ready for church and the day.  The grocery list and meal planning is directed by this document saying who goes where when how showcasing our needs- sitters, rides, eating at home.

It also builds excitement- this week we're all looking forward STEMFEST!! It is here-it is here- it is here! The event that has grown to be the anchor to STEM programming at The Works. The inspiration to inspire amazing people and companies to engage with us and bring other good things year round to our community. STEM skills need attention and growth in the US.  Manufacturing is alive and well in Licking County- I've seen it live and in person - and there are jobs that go with this- good jobs.  There are companies that offer training and careers.  Licking County needs this tax base and economic system in place but it won't thrive without a workforce. The Works is in partnership to prepare that workforce.

STEM fest is FUN!  Make your plans to visit The Works this Saturday and Sunday. Cheer on the teams competing- Middle School is Saturday, High School Sunday.  3 programs- civil engineering with toothpicks and glue bridges, bio-fuels in partnership with Denison's Chemistry Dept and Boeing and their wing design and wind tunnel.  Fun hands-on learning that teach and promote 21st century skills- presentation and communication is a key to success!  I could type and type and type about this…but know as I put "this week at the Leithausers" together that was the first thing that went into the plan. Saturday is Joe's birthday and Thursday we celebrate our 15th Anniversary so you'll here more the good things in my Life on Newark-Granville Road!!

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