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Monday, February 24, 2014

Never say never…...

New Albany is only a 15 min- maybe 20 minute drive…good thing as my Life on Newark-Granville will include more time there this spring.  We've signed Sally up for Lax there this year.  Not enough girls here to field the 3-4th grade team for Rec Lax. Sally loved playing on a team last year, wasn't crazy about her earlier experience with a clinic and when we asked New Albany and they emailed us the practice schedule- it worked for us!  I love the reactions of her siblings- Clare: they have great teams, when we play them they're strong- Sally will get good.  Peter: wow the fields are really nice- Sally will like playing there.

So the thing is Joe and I were committed to keeping sports simple, supporting our recreation league in town.  We never judged anyone else for the decision to play in Newark or beyond- we got it.  We thought we'd be able to keep it really local.  No secret on the blog I've talked about keeping academics, arts in balance with sports and the idea of drive time can put that out of kilter…back to the I learned today that it is only about 15 -20 min to New Albany today.

I'll keep you posted how it goes- so far so good.  We are hoping to work with other parents and the Rec to get a successful clinic going this year to build interest for a team next year. In the mean time Sally is super excited- she played Tball, she swims in meets, she plays basketball and soccer all in game format. She watches a LOT of games her siblings play so I get it- she wants to play. I want to encourage and nurture this active girl so a driving I will go off Newark-Granville Road.

Update- I also share this to say thank you in advance to the help this community has and I'm sure will provide to us.  Three kids playing three different sports will require us to ask for help with transportation. We're very fortunate to have these folks already in our lives on Newark-Granville Road. And we love to reciprocate. Clare couldn't of played basketball this year without that kind of help.  Sally and Peter both love not only coaching time with their coaches but drive and play time with coaches families. So I share the never say never, knowing I get to say yes thanks to others saying yes. Thanks for giving me the opportunity to say yes to helping you too.  Let the juggling, passing and teamwork continue on Newark-Granville Road.

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