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Wednesday, February 12, 2014

mesmerized and warm!

Yes I found a way to be warm today!!!  Actually I was quite cozy, toasty in my bed this morning. Our beautiful old house did well earlier in this extreme cold snap but this week was tough on her.  Upstairs kept the cold out and we all slept well.  We had a good morning with homework being finished, hot breakfast and a ride to school for Sally and Peter- it was nice but it was still cold.  The -11 degree dog walk not only fogged my glasses it froze the fog to the glass.

Driving to work and even being in the museum still had me chilled.  I found my way to the glass studio and put myself in front of the furnace- it felt good. As soon as I stepped a few feet away- cold cold cold again.  A productive day warmed the spirit and kept me moving. I admit I didn't sit at my desk much- I wanted to be in motion to ward off the chill.

Around 3 pm I found myself back in the glass studio.  I started to watch the exciting project of remaking the goblet in a bottle project and I couldn't leave. I tried a few times. I tried to join the team building art project- no go- I was totally mesmerized by the glass blowing. I was so impressed with their teamwork. The high school student's comfort to jump in and assist, the experts comfort with the high school student. These artist are professionals- they know the science and the art- they respect the history- it is awesome.  The temperatures they work with are amazing and I smiled as they referred to things as cold- it is all relative.  They protected one another, juggled- it was almost like watching a puzzle be put together by teamwork.

I enjoy the warmth I have in my Life on Newark-Granville Road - the oven, brownies for the pot-luck at work, the glass studio's furnace, the passion we have under this roof- it is serving us well this cold winter night.

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