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Thursday, February 6, 2014

escape, take a break and be happy…..

I appreciate this article from Denison's president Adam Weinberg. I found it on one of his "tweets" with the comment similar to- good advice for students…..I think it is good advice for anyone who may put their life into their work, and work into their life…..or well said at the Ground Hog Breakfast last week- their heart into the business and the business in their heart…

Reality is I read the article quickly and stopped at the point I really liked- point 3 about disengagement is what I wanted to explore further on my blog, reflect on how I do this in my life on Newark-Granville Road.  One way I disengage at the end of the day is to read.  The book club I am part of helps keep me engaged and therefore disengaged!  I do sleep better when I let my brain focus on the pages and their worlds.  I like this idea for a regular walk- Griffey would certainly appreciate this.  I will use TV or this blogging ritual but reality is I prefer not to use electronics- something about brain waves still being engaged with multimedia approaches.  Another point about disengagement for me is place- just came from Moundbuilders Country Club.  One of the reasons we value MCC in our lives on Newark-Granville Road it is a place that lets us focus on our family and friends. We can be there to enjoy one another and escape a bit- Joe enjoys this too and why he is willing to serve on its Board. I'm grateful to him and the others serving to help this special place in our lives.

Because I posted the article I read the full article- I strongly recommend taking a look- I value his perspective and recommendations.  The good news is I'm following his advice on most and will try hard to make sure all 6 are part incorporated into my life on Newark-Granville Road.

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