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Thursday, February 13, 2014

and now time for a commercial break…..

We interrupt this blog for a commercial……Moundbuilders Friends!  Please join the Leithausers for Friday Night Fun!!

Not a member of Moundbuilders?  Want to get a taste of the club's good times- you can be our guest!

The next two Friday nights will find Susan and Joe at:

2/14- MCC Live Music- Dancing to the Majestics!  This is a bonus band- GM Joseph Moore and the Social Committee have arranged for members and their guests to wrap up this heart holiday with live music- no charge, no cover….just come enjoy the evening.  Dinner reservations were accepted before/ during the evening.  Leithausers are coming after a 7 pm commitment for some beverage, friends and grown up get away….hope to meet up with a good group!

2/21- Family Game Night!! Buffet Dinner, all sorts of fun board and table activity games for all ages!! Make your reservation now and join us- 6-8 pm!

Now back to your regular blog post…..

Life in Newark-Granville Road is filled with happy ball players! Clare's team has secured their undefeated season and the LCL 7th Grade Championship- woo hoo! Great group of girls- Clare worked hard and did really well!  Peter's team (coached by Joe) won their game tonight too.  The other team played hard - next games Saturday- Sally too!

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