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Tuesday, February 4, 2014

how much snow would a snow plow plow…...

if a snow plow could plow snow!  I don't know why this silly ditty is stuck in my head?  Maybe because I just drove home from downtown Newark and felt like I was skiing out west.  I learned to ski in high school at Blue Knob in PA and I learned to ski on ice.  I didn't experience powder snow until an adult on ski trips with Joe.  Anyway the drive home felt more like that kind of skiing than driving.  I did see one snow plow going the other way on Rt. 16.  I did drive one lightly dusted pavement on Newark-Granville Road at the Cherry Valley intersection.  The snow plow's yellow lights glowing ahead of me in the distance.  It was a beautiful drive home and I am sooo grateful for Martha the SUV with 4 wheel drive and good tires…and a full tank of gas.

Since I've pontificated about snow days in the past on the blog…I feel compelled to share my thoughts today. is where I go…yes yes- bring it on..I'm ready for a snow day!! (I love this song, know the writer/performer- really I know his Mom- I love her work- lyrics below- share with your kids!!!  Anyway- yes I've brought my work home, the schedule has phone calls that I can make happen here, I have flex time to make it work…I'm ready mother Nature, Mr. Superintendent- I can't wait for your call!

Life on Newark-Granville Road the winter of 2014 is a snowy one and it really is beautiful and I'm grateful that I'm in a place to enjoy it….but it does need plowed…so thank you to the snow plow drivers out there tonight.

Lyrics to Snowday :
Hey hey
I woke up to the radio
And the glare of a blanket
Of fallen snow
When I heard the DJ speak to me
In a voice that was thick
As an evergreen
He announced all the schools
That were closing

On my kneeds and pray
For a snowy day
'Cause I need a break
And I wanna sled the day away
I need a snow day

Hey hey
The leaves all fell
And the streets were cold
But the sky was as dry as a bone
When the clouds rolled in
Like a holy sign
We all built up a fort
At the bus stop sign
Trackin' snow in the door
At the five & dime
Get the marshmallows ready for cocoa time

On my knees and pray
For a snowy day
'Cause I need a break
And I wanna sled the day away
I need a snow day

Hey hey!

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