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Saturday, February 22, 2014

playing games....hands-on learning

Picture the scene:  a dining room, children's laughter and cheers, the aroma of good food, the mummer of conversation the clank of silverware- that was what was happening on the 2nd floor in the dining room at MCC last night. An event I've wanted for a long time- winter fun at MCC as a family.  Joseph Moore is doing great things for this club.

The Leithauser family was to "coordinate" and host- we didn't do a great job spreading the word. We'll do better next time.  Joseph Moore, new Club Manager, did a wonderful job setting it all up, coordinating really fun "Minute to Win It" activities and facilitating them with the kids and adults that wanted to play.  After a long week I was happy to sit at the table and enjoy the children's (ours and others) engagement.  Once I had decompressed a bit, enjoyed my cocktail I did join adult friends for nice catch-up while kids enjoyed more games including 2nd floor hide and seek.  Before that  I did play some games too at our table. I picked up "tenzie" and the old fashioned golf-tees in triangle block games at The Works: Ohio Center for History, Art and Technology's Gear Shop.  We all loved both of these last night.

Didn't know about these fun opportunities at MCC- let me help connect you!! Email me at  Joe is serving on the board there now and we're both committed to helping a place that connects us to good friends and gives us the break in our busy lives on Newark-Granville Road.

The Hands-On Learning continues.....not sure why STEMfest @ The Works isn't on my - see me at these events to the right of the blog......I'm here and ready to go- ready to see lots of friends, Works members and guests today.  Volunteers and amazing staff make this competition and special activity day happen- you really don't want to miss it. 12-4 both Saturday and Sunday and congrats to the teams competing- Middle School (Sat) and High School (Sun)- you inspire me!  Come check it out- track me down so I can help you not miss out on the fun- things happening all over the museum for all ages!

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