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Tuesday, February 18, 2014

facebook support…...

Good morning- lots weighing on me today as I type.  Yesterday was one of those up days- so many good things going on, even hard things were on the table and progress being made.  But there are never enough hours to get it done the way I want it done or worked out so I continue to learn how to focus on the good and keep moving forward.  This is the way I live my life on Newark-Granville Road.  I won't go into all the nitty gritty details of why it was up- part of it was kids were safe and engaged on a non school day, much had to do with work, some had to do with giving to others…and some was getting to curl up in bed with the i-pad and watch a TV show I missed with the dog keeping my toes warm.  Some was the warm walk in the 30s- despite the icy rain making today's plans unclear but it felt good not to be freezing walking the dog.

Then this morning- a school delay- darn. The  "No school" can be easier to deal with- I had that plan.  The delay just delays and I don't do well with delays…delays at work, home, schedules make me go argh…I get over it and I work with it…letting kids sleep-in today- they need it- Sally has a cold she needs it.  But my "crispiness" shows with delays….but I reflect I think I've progressed- I use to be much less patient with delays- I think about my reaction to traffic in the mid 90s in Detroit- not pretty.

So a bonus of the delay is a little facebook time!!  I'm still amazed by this technology- how much I value the opportunity to say happy birthday to my sorority little sister in Greece so easily- that is how we reconnected.  And now I will say Happy Birthday to my true little sister Sarah- she has joined facebook- woo hoo! She is overwhelmed with it and I get that.  It will be interesting to see how she utilizes it.  I'm fascinated by the technology and algorithms- who sees what when how- why do some things pop and others don't.  I'm grateful for the Granville Rec post today- I need those kind of reminders (See Sunday's post). I'm grateful links to blogs like the one below show-up a few time as when I see it I may not click the first time-often that is the case.  I do the quick look over FB but don't spend much time out there- more frequent peeks than in depth reads.  This blog link was something I needed- the topic although not directly on my mind has points that have been up front and raising their hand in my life on Newark-Granville Road.  I also want others to see this blog- it is a goody.

I know I couldn't of survived without those mommy talks and play group moms.  My friends are the ones that lift me up and connect me in ways that keep me in happy places like yesterday.  Life is indeed figure eights with our moods and our connections, factors of where we are "on the motion of the 8" are infinite but people and relationships are the wind for the sails of that journey.  Things shift and move all the time and being able to sit loosely and enjoy the ride is key.  Im' learning thanks to posts and support, conversations in person and on-line and I'm grateful. I hope you will read this blog- it is a good one and thanks to Facebook for bringing it to me.

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