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Saturday, February 8, 2014

Love all day long…..

Today was a day a day filled with love….Denison love for sure as the day was spent on campus and Denison was this wonderful partner to my work and my family.  Kids Tech University- an amazing program brought to Licking County by Marcia Downes from Virgina Tech (I love VA- I was born there, my dad is a Hoakie).  Thanks to Dow Chemical, individual donors, Licking County Foundation, Park National Bank, Polymer Technologies, Denison, OSU, A Call to College- The Works: Ohio Center for History, Art and Technology and a bunch of great staff and volunteers 100 plus kids 9-12 and their parents/grandparents had an amazing on campus experience today at Denison.  There are 4 events in the year- 1st one went really well at OSU-N, today was the 2nd…can't wait for 3rd and 4th- one back at Denison and 4th at The Works.  These kid were in a science classroom with wonderful learning about psychology and the brain happening- yeah Nester Matthews!! Parents learning about how to help their child achieve college- helpful hints for all.  Kids from all over, from various socio-economic backgrounds, girls and boys- amazing.  I left Newark-Granville Road at 8 am thrilled to help post signs to help these folks navigate the fair college on the hill.

The day also included Sally and Peter and Granville Red basketball teams playing games during half-time during the Women's and Men's Basketball games.  Joe coordinates this and we all appreciate his making this happen.  We thank the Coaches, staff and players at Denison for hosting, allowing this to happen.  It is so much fun to watch your kid on  a college court, watch their excitement and enthusiasm.    I really do love to spend time in the gym watching my kids play, watch Joe coach.  Sally joined the club- all Leithauser kids have had Mike Hills announce….basket by Leithauser!  Joe and kids met me in Curtis to have lunch with KTU crew.  Wow- Denison's food service is doing an exceptional job and it was fun to connect with a friend working there now.  Kids and KTU students and staff we're all thrilled with the offerings and atmosphere.

My life loves days like this- when my own history, my work and family's passions all meet together-thank you Denison for the special role you play.  Perfect timing for me as I get ready to support:”    More to come on twitter and facebook this week!! More photos there too from a great day in my life on Newark-Granville Road!

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