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Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Shout out for the Dog Days of Winter…..

Walking the dog more than usual because of Joe's travel schedule. I like walking the dog and I've shared perspectives on the blog before. Today I'd like to Griffey a little winter kudos. He's been a champ, totally rolling with the cold, snow, etc..etc…  He isn't a dog that won't go when there is snow on the ground- yay Griffey.  He doesn't go on the cleared sidewalk either- when it is time to do the business he jumps into or onto depending on icing and temperature- and crosses the task off our list.  When it has been super cold (below zero and even well below zero) he is quick to produce.

Recently we did the walk that included the deep snow of the unplowed/uncleared bike path.  For the record I call the bike path what is to the south of our house a good bit- runs along the river, goes for miles and miles.  The path across the street on Newark-Granville Road is a wider sidewalk or path for bikes on Newark-Granville Road- not the bike path. I guess the bike path I refer to is the TJ Evans path to be formal. Anyway our usual good loop to get the dog some exercise and good air/thoughts for the walker is to go down Fairview, cut over to Vill Edge and back up to NG Road and home.  Getting to the bike path can be a task, I almost lost a boot. I sunk deep into the pile of snow I was traversing to get to the path- plowed up snow- pretty deep and the melting started so I sunk and when I went to pull foot up and out- the boot stayed- oops.  Griffey was patient and avoided electric fence shock as did I- bonus points for us!   I did that loop last week and it reminded me of pheasant hunting in Nebraska- deep snow, big march like steps.

I saw a funny post about slip-sliding on the side walk on Facebook. Poor Griffey has hit more ice patches covered by snow and his feet just fishtail out- or spread eagle out- but he keeps moving pretty well. From my vantage point it is rather comical.  I should laugh I've done my share of near fall slips today too!

The lesson in all of this is- be careful out there, it is slippery, wet and danger lurks. HOWEVER get out there and enjoy it!! And to the awesome folks out there enjoying it- keep it up- you inspire me and Griffey and our lives on Newark-Granville Road.

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