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Sunday, March 9, 2014

connections in the Ukraine

Following up to this morning's blog update about counting my blessings. Sure enough today I was reminded again about how fortunate I am.  My time at church recently has had me interacting with Maryna Kohut and her concern and involvement with her home country- The Ukraine.  Our church is working with Maryna to collect funds to help those in need. Maryna did a wonderful job putting together photographs show casing before and after images as well as speaking passionately about why we all should consider giving.   The Granville Sentinel/ Newark Advocate shared the store as well.  Details about giving support are in the article, or simply write a check to First Presbyterian Church and put in the memo line- Ukraine.  The church address is 110 W. Broadway, Granville, OH 43023

Maryna is a positive, upbeat, happy person.  I've always admired her jumping into our community and giving in a supportive way.  Our paths haven't crossed much lately but I'm glad to see her again, I'm sorry for the reason. The good news is technology today allows her to be in constant communication with her family in Kiev.  I was impressed with her command of the English language and appreciated how her native language was part of our service- The Lord's prayer.  Every time she shares about the situation she is poised and inspiring, the emotion is evident and calls me to help by praying, sharing and giving as able. My life on Newark-Granville Road is enhanced by interactions like this- not easy but important and valuable lessons showcasing how connected we all.

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