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Sunday, March 16, 2014

doing what is good for me…..

Fun family time was good for me today.  Not that different than the dish I was able to contribute- fruits and veggies- picture to the left.  When Leithausers gather Joe's Dad is the one who brings delicious, nutritious snacks and we all love them. He'll arrive and go right to work getting the platters ready. He cuts them in fun ways, shares the details of procurement and we nibble and enjoy. The main meal may be 30 minutes or 3 hours but the first course is fruits and veggies.  Today the kids went with me to the store and selected what would be on the platter- I'm struck by the color and goodness the photo evokes for me.

Nadine and Jim (Grandma and Grandpa) couldn't be with us today.  We set this afternoon aside to gather to wish niece and nephew, godson and goddaughter, cousins a happy birthday.  We won't get to do Easter this year and Easter isn't in March and we always try to find time to be together around this time of year.  Ann does a nice job of accommodating our schedule and delighting the kids with hospitality. They love her peperoni rolls, the endless activities and quality time to just be with their first and longest friends.  The time together wrapped up with a darling video they made with dress up clothes Interesting Ann said just this week she was contemplating putting them away.

It has been a full weekend- the pause in the blog posts- filled with things good for me. Cool walk in the morning, time with friends, meaningful work using my brain and untapping tools and memories that were tucked away and needed this weekend.  Good things indeed in my life on Newark-Granville Road.

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