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Saturday, March 22, 2014

Just what we need……simple lessons from flight and what we love...

I had planned to not only enjoy Spring Break but take a break from the blog.  Yet I woke up rested this morning wanting to chronicle our adventure and time away.  I need to do it through photos so I can do the usual photo book- we have some favorites. I could do it as I have with other trips and put my thoughts and itinerary down in notebooks, or on hotel stationary. I have fond memries on our honeymoon of capture our fun on St. John- Joe and I would sit on our back patio- he's smoke a cigar, I sip some scotch and we'd reflect on the day. We savored each and every moment of that trip and reflected to help lock in the memories.

So then I thought I'd capature and just save the drafts but that doens't feel right and then I have this back log of posts to inindate the web…and then I was preseented with something too good not to share! So here you go- my entry for today. I'm not sure how regular I'll update and share but here is today.

I'm pretty happy right now- really happy!  And not just because I'm getting what I needed- rest, a break, in Maryland, at home.  I warned my Mom that we'd drive to Maryland on Friday night and then Saturday morning I wanted to just stay at the hotel until noon. I wanted to sleep, hang out in bed, watch TV- maybe I'd get lucky and get a movie to watch.

Guess what- yup- I got the movie- just what I needed- a beautiful beautiful movie. One I'd never seen, always wanted to and even better it ties to my life soooo beautifully.  I loved ducks and geese growing up so I was always told to see this movie- I caught the end once accidentally.

- Time out- what you also need to know as I lay in there this morning in that well rested, no where to go way (a rare thing in my life on Newark-Granville Road) I was thinking about how to resist the effort to get u and start working.  My mind at rest can't help but think about work- ideas and those few little things I didn't get done yesterday…I actually did leave feeling a good.

Here is the cool thing- the movie I'm watching also ties to work!  I'm so fortunate to work in a place where I learn and experience cool things everyday.  Innovation, Invention, being Brave, following Dreams and right now we're celebrating the 50th Anniversary of Jerrie  50 years ago Jerrie was in flight making her record breaking incredible flight around the world!!  More details here:  /   We can all follow along on twitter and facebook- links in the article above…..

What a gift…"Fly Away Home"… has it all- an award winning invention, the science of flight with Bernoulli's principal, scenery, music, adventure and a great story- just what I needed!  I've got the book:  Father Goose: One Man, a Gaggle of Geese, and Their Real Life Incredible Journey South by William Lishman on order!!

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