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Sunday, March 2, 2014

with roses

This is one of the last roses from the beautiful bouquet Joe sent me for our 15th Anniversary.  Village Flower Basket does a lovely job and this year they seem the most beautiful of all. The white roses with deep greens and small specks of white/pink were my wedding bouquet.  Each year I am fortunate to reflect and celebrate that crisp gorgeous day with Joe's thoughtful tradition and gift. The roses opened quickly this year and stayed for quite sometime. The reality is I love camillas and gardenias- the open white flower- but open white roses were what worked best in Feb in PA and with our budget. The roses this year opened and stayed with me well over a week.  Joe had them delivered to the office which was such a treat. Nothing beats walking into your busy, piles everywhere office balancing work priorities to be greeted by a bouquet saying Happy Anniversary.  I pulled a few and left them at work- today I snipped the top and floated the last one in water to delight me early in my work week.  The bouquet came home last weekend and remained beautiful and giving pleasure. I've snipped a few to cluster together in bowl on the counter.  This one has been by my bed greeting me each morning and saying goodnight. Life on Newark-Granville Road is blessed with the love and promise this flower represents.

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