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Wednesday, March 19, 2014

here comes spring which means…..

time to get ready for Derby!  I sat on the stoop and waited for the kids to get off the bus yesterday.  The yard called to me- really it did!  Actually I think it was saying….can't you wait to see Joe out here?!  In our lives on Newark-Granville Road Joe does way more of the yard work than I do.  He works hard to get the yard looking good by the first Saturday in May- in time for Derby!  Other than connecting with our friends, children's classmates and neighbors we love how Derby party get us into yard gear quick!

This year will have the extra challenge with the sewer construction.  The front yard has a "moat" or larger gopher track- it is to be repaired by Derby Day- we'll see.  The back yard is pretty funky too- but at least we no longer have smelly water deposits!!  Ya'll may want to consider your outfit to include rainboots- we appreciate this anyway to ward off rain…or snow.  Yes one year we did have flurries on the first Saturday in May.

Saturday, May 3rd is the day in 2014- we'll gather starting at 4:30 for juleps (some orange soda and root beer this year) and snacks- more details as we get closer!!  Life on Newark-Granville Road always includes Derby prep- what theme for decorating the tables- last year was fabric from Africa- maybe we do the same this year since we used the Africa for the Christmas card - remember our Christmas Card serves as Derby invite too- flip side-we're considering our options on Newark-Granville Road as we're in planning mode!

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