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Tuesday, March 4, 2014

where do I go?

Life on Newark-Granville Road just returned to a tinier bit of normal….a bit of stress has been lifted and I have found a tad bit of time…how you ask?  My calendar should now appear on my iphone again.  It disappeared quite some time ago and after 3 attempts- 2 by Joe it wasn't working. Finally team work did the trick- thank you Laura, Larry and Joe for returning this important tool to my fingertips.

Now if the magic fairy could come help me clean up all the emails in my inbox I'd sleep all the better on Newark-Granville Road.  But at least I know where I am suppose to be without consulting 3 calenders, paper from work I carry around in my purse in my Lilly daytimer…I have to ask the question- what did we do before iphones?  Ah the day timer…I still use mine- I still like to see the calendar over two pages- I so remember when I found this addition to the Franklin planner.   I am having memories of my Mom's AAUW calendar she would order each year and fill it in, the Denison red scheduler for assignments and planning and also my beloved Kate Spade planner- a lovely gift one Christmas. I had a hard time parting with that one.

Welcome back calender filled with meetings, practices, reminders and appointments, I've missed you in my life on Newark-Granville Road.

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