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Monday, March 31, 2014

on Newark-Granville Road…...

Ahhhh- we're back!  What a treat to walk into our clean house. What great care 1142 had while we were gone…..I think the house appreciated the break from us too! A few hours home and we're in that active, full life place…piles here and there…to dos in visual form.  But no worries as the energizing of the trip fuels us as well as the happiness of return to what we hold dear and challenges and engages us. I will use this quick blog post to list upcoming items to share in the future here:

1. Thanks to those that read the last post on Saturday from DC- I didn't link that to FB this time….Joe came to the lobby with the car much faster than anticipated….we didn't see any baseball but certainly enjoyed time at the Park!
2. Heed Your Call by David M. Howitt- I'm not finished with it but a timely and exciting ready for me!!
3. A Fort of Nine Towers by Quis Akbar Omar- ahhhh love book club for giving me books I would never read and perspectives I'd never know……I count my United States Blessings….again timely with our trip to our Nation's capital.
4. The National Portrait Gallery……have soooo much to say about this…but need to get organized- will take some thoughts.  PLEASE include this as a place to visit if you're planning any DC time and please lets chat…..
5. Visiting DC- every family should do this…we should all go every so often……
6. Basketball Tourney- our family is having so much fun with this…but so many topics, not enough blog time….I don't know who is leading our brackets- I couldn't help but root for Michigan seeing Peter so into it- even though I choose KY (loved living there for 2 years and visiting Lexington whenever  could) and if KY won I was still in the running according to Peter in our pool….

Okay- time to get to work- good and important things await in this lovely life on Newark-Granville Road!

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