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Thursday, March 13, 2014

Fish Fry Prep

Fish Fry time….but alas we won't be there tomorrow.  Joe is out of town and I'm juggling kids, work and stuff…walking down for the best neighborhood dinner a family could find just isn't in the cards.  If you are free you should go.  Here are some tips….

1. Walk- exercise is good, parking isn't, fresh air is good for airing out the clothes. And beer is better consumed when walking.
2. Per air out comment- leave your coats in the car. Wear clothes you can wash- you will smell like fish fry.
3. Bring snacks, games, patience- you most likely will wait in line- part of the charm. I learned to go to Fish Fry(s) in Omaha, NE. we'd stand in line in the parking lot and snake into the church basement- it took hours to get to the food.  They poured us free beer while we stood in line- yes 1993 probably…..
4. Yes they usually have something other than fish- mac n cheese for the kids.
5. Yes it is good!
6. you don't have to be catholic to attend
7. Can't find a seat- be patient people will help you- the back is where we usually end up
8. Make new friends- we always enjoy talking with folks catching up, meeting new folks that find their way to our charming special life on Newark-Granville Road with fish fries at St. Edward's church.

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