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Sunday, March 9, 2014

counting my blessings….

It is Sunday- time for church and a service that will be filled with blessings.  I'm packing my tissues as it may be one of those days.  Yesterday was a day where my blessings held my hand- being at Denison for Kids Tech University- KTU- where 100 children from our community are given the opportunity to learn about science- how things work, why things happen on a college campus.  This doesn't just happen because someone has a great idea- Marcia Downes.  This happens because scientist/faculty like Dr. Joe say- yes and make it fun, and bring others like Nester Mathews. It happens because Janet Shultz brings in amazing partners and individually asks parents to bring their kids showing promise but have no idea how to get to Denison or even think a college experience is possible for their child. It happens because the parents that love and expect (in a good way) a college experience bring their kids and sit with other kids who's parents are not there. It happens because donors say they'll give money to make it happen. It happens because OSU-N staff and Denison staff and The Works Staff and PEAK/Call to College staff work every day to get the details right and then are there to see the wonder in the kids face, the ahhhhs, oooohhhs and the blessings are everywhere.

How lucky was I to attend Dension University, find Granville Ohio, develop the relationships and friendships with the people I did in this community. How lucky am I that our 3 children have friends and families that love them so I can go out last night to support an organization in our community- Mental Health America of Licking County- MIA.

Yes yesterday's blog idea was all about my blessings and soaking in the sun and the snow that accompanied each moment. Today I'll gather my blessings at FPC and give thanks for my life on Newark-Granville Road.

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