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Tuesday, March 25, 2014

life with parents…..

I'm enjoying the simplicity of this break very much.  Not quite as simple for Joe and big kids- they're on the Appalachian trail as I type…and it is snowing- flurries and the temps hovering around 30….we put them at the trail yesterday and then I continued to shadow my Dad. We took the pretty route through Boonesboro- Nora Roberts lives here and has helped this charming historic town tidy up.
Then my father and I went to his Dr. appointment. Nice for me to learn the local of the new Hagerstown Hospital- I had a vague idea where it was, could of found it if needed but not the same thing.  We went to the medical complex - we were early - so we sat and read our books.  I finished my book club book while we waited.

The afternoon was about time with Mom.  She made us a yummy lunch- grilled ham and cheese, homemade noodle soup- honestly the best noodle soup.  Then we went to Greencastle- Sally kept calling it Green Village, Green Town….Greencastle just didn't roll off her tongue.  Another historic sleepy town that has some great shopping and was fun to explore.  Mom shared with me what the store fronts held when she was young and her Welsh Run house had a Greencastle address- this really confused Sally.  Sally was the star of the day- shopping and taking it all in, not complaining once or asking for anything.  We wrapped up the time out with a trip to the grocery store to prepare for Soup Kitchen needs.

We came home to hang out before gathering at the round white table for cocktail hour.  Mom prepared a delicious dinner and we cleared the table and ate in the kitchen- an intimate cozy evening at home with Mom and Dad.  We solved the worlds problems, analysed parent strategies and reflected on their choices with us. We talked about sports, music, theater, academics- science vs language arts, languages, extra curricular activities. At one point my Mom asked me- what was the most influential activity I participated in growing up? My answer- family dinner.  It certainly was the most consistent and most beloved.  And it is what Joe and I strive to give our children in our lives on Newark-Granville Road and what we're enjoying on this spring break.

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