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Thursday, May 2, 2013

Are we Ready?

The question is a fun one....the answer is finally- yes...we're getting ready for Derby.  We love the party not only because we see friends and watch the connections and bring out tradition....but it gets things done!  The living room ceiling no longer has a hole but a fan- wahoo.....we're grateful to folks that make it their tradition to help us- the tent arrived and only required one adjustment due to my late arrival....thank you Granville Kiwanis!!  New friends are joining in on the fun too- a lovely banner to set the tone arrived today- what a treat!  The reality is we've never been so not ready at this point- but it will be what it will be....Rotary sang "Que Sera Seara" for a reason is my mantra this month....So here are the updates as we prepare on Newark-Granville Road for the Running of the Roses....I get excited just typing it!!

1. One of the hosts will be delayed in his arrival- sorry friends of Peter....time with him is best found on the baseball field- his team needs him, duty calls to a make up game.....he'll be hosting the 2nd half of the party- the post race, sun setting time.....I hope we'll see lots of his teammates and their families too!

2. Live Band- thank you Lindsey, Jack, Robin, Steve....for playing this year- new to the LONGR Stage!! They will play 4 to 6ish....

3. Yuengling wil be on tap and we'll be pouring some of Granville Brewing's finest!!  Thanks Jay and Ross for the help there.

4. Africa pictures will be on display in living room....

4. And I think that covers the 2013 updates....little lower key- parking always a challenge, friends and family welcome, often it makes sense to bring an extra soccer ball or lax stick or ?? Dish to share if you can- something easy to eat or festive for the theme!!  And hats always appreciated!! $2 per Dad is helping out again in that area!!

Take care and we look forward to seeing you- the first Saturday in May is a special on Newark-Granville Road!

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Mary Helen-Art Saves Lives said...

This sounds so exciting !!! We hope to make the festivities! Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart