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Tuesday, May 14, 2013


A trip to the Capital Building/State House in downtown Columbus yesterday- Joe has never been- who knew?!  I love the building and the antreim space was a great reception location.  A lovely Denison Everywhere Reception for the Central Ohio Club- a Dale and Tina Knobel send-off....boy we're going to miss them.  Dale really does a great job with his comments- updates, shares, instills pride, shares (great introduction of Nan Carney- Debourney alumna and athletic director and Kim Coplin- alumna and the new interim Provost- wonderful women and friends!)  It is always good to connect with Denisonians and we always enjoy new connections/introductions.   Dale wrapped up his comments with the "paid announcement" support the Annual Fund! Good job Dale- I loved your comments-  our alma mater is strong because of its secret weapon- devoted volunteers who support the college.

A trip to Kendal @ Granville- what fun to see so many friends....and to help Marcia Downes share Reflections with Friends @ The Works.  Thank you Betty for the invitation and thank you Jean Schelhorn and Dutch Glaser for your remarks. We so appreciated everyone that came to learn what is happening at the works these days....just like Denison- volunteers make the place work and we're grateful to all that engage and help us!  On line giving now available- woo hoo! Just like Denison- what a fun project that was soooo many years ago- on line event registration.....made possible by on-line giving.

And the sweet smell of Lilacs...take a look at the photo- what a greeting on this beautiful evening- the air was thick with the aroma when I arrived home tonight....summer is coming fast.....soak in the spring!!

Nice things happening on Newark-Granville Road!

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Mary Helen-Art Saves Lives said...

I am getting later each day because I love spending time with my coffee...smelling the fragrant lilacs. Denison is a beautiful family forever. Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart