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Saturday, May 11, 2013

Something silly....

So I'm on a silly theme- does two posts talking about smiling, laughing, silly things make a theme?  I was lucky enough to laugh until I cried again last night.  Oh the beauty of friends and stories and being willing to share and be vulnerable...I'm so blessed.  I woke up to the news today that a Denison Classmate- Tiffany Schaefer Schroeder '90- has passed away.  I'm weepy about it for many reasons that I'm not going to elaborate on now. Instead to cope with this crazy life I'm going back to silly.

See the picture to the right- Saltines are now available round....I bought the box because it made me smile. I LOVE SALTINES- love. They are my prefer ed choice for my scalloped oysters and a simple treat. They are the go-to for pregnancy and stomach bug recovery. And now they are available round. Part of me thinks this is just silly.   I love to set a pretty table and present food well and round crackers do look better.  I know a tiny bit about marketing/sales in this world and no doubt this is an opportunity to create more shelf space for this brand. And yes it is the brand I prefer- there are lots of saltines out there.  I do like the heartier forms out there- a bit more upscale- but for the old stand by this one works.  However in the end I think that my blogging about round saltines is silly too.  My life on Newark-Granville Road is filled with so many wonderful things- happy and sad and I'm ready to keep this special day moving forward.  Today we celebrate Caroline Leithauser's 1st Communion and I can't wait!  No doubt some more happy tears will be shed on Newark-Granville Road today.

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Mary Helen-Art Saves Lives said...

I am sending you gentle prayers...continue being SILLY! Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart