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Thursday, May 23, 2013

being prepared!

Joe and I are planners.  When dating we sent a spreadsheet back and forth (this was way before googledocs) to prepare for a camping trip.  So you can imagine my pride with both of my girls last night as they thoughtfully organized their needs for the next day.  I talked about Sally's work on last night's blog, I was remiss not to blog about my happiness in Clare's organization.  Amazing what a trip to an amusement park will do for readiness.....And it paid off Clare had a healthy happy trip with her classmates and was quite the thrill seeker.... those of you interested in Life on Newark-Granville Road today after reading last night's didn't disappoint!

Back to Sally....what a great day! It was fun to share in her preparation and then see it pay off.  We had a lovely walk to school- it had been ages.  We even had to dig out the wagon- Sally found deep in a corner under a pile....I love that she held my hand and help pulled the wagon (wasn't yesterday she was the baby in the wagon as we walked the big kids to the elementary school, now Clare is off to Middle School next year?) After we crossed the street she quizzed me- as I had packed up the bag of supplies she had put out last night. Did you pack my skirt?  She wore shorts to walk and she didn't want to wear the skirt all day and rip it again.  Did you pack the basket? I love that she was thinking so we wouldn't be disappointed when we arrived without them at school and no time to return home.  We had our fun on the walk.  She raced me through Monkey Brain Land.....what a treat to go back in time with this exercise!  And it was exercise-it felt good to get the heart rate pumping and stretch a bit.  It was also fun to be in the elementary school and be greeted by friends, see the children, parents, teachers and staff.  I have loved this activity since the first day I rode my bike to watch Clare get off the bus on her first day of Kindergarten!

In the classroom Sally handled her presentation like a pro.  She didn't quite know where to stand until her teacher said- "stand where I do Sally"- boom all as fine.  She remembered so much of the trip and shared the stories and accounts of the food and adventure in a way that touched me deeply.  Her classmates asked wonderful questions and I found it fascinating the subject they focused on the most- inoculations/shots and malaria prevention.  She fidgeted a bit no big deal. We did forget to pack the Africa Money but it didn't rattle her.  For a child who can have anxiety at times no hint of it for this task- hip hip hooray!

Of course the other treat for me was revisiting this amazing adventure with our family and seeing one more beautiful outcome from our time off Newark-Granville Road- a true trip of a lifetime.  A big thank you to her teacher- Mrs. Mullins.  Mrs. Mullins has encouraged and supported this parenting decision to travel and engage our children.  She followed up about Sally's sharing with the class and we're so glad she did! Wow Africa Wow....enhancing life on Newark-Granville Road.

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