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Sunday, May 19, 2013

includes Celebrating Success!

So the volunteer sheet was passed around at the planning part of the season, during sign-ups for Lacrosse.  I always struggle with this as I never know our schedule- 3 active kids 3 different directions. I also work full time and again 3 active kids means not much time for "duties".  I look at the work key leaders on these sports teams play, the coaching commitments- it is hours and dedication!  As a person who works with volunteers I'm in awe of what these non paid people do to make sure our kids get to engage with their sports and all these kids learn on and off the field.  It is hard not to sign up in some way to contribute and help things move forward and do our part.....

So this year I signed up for "End of Season Celebration"... for both teams.. So that was during basketball season and feels like a long time forward to MAY- yes the month that is busier than December and comes with the added stress of preparing for the kids to be out of school and requiring sign-ups for camps and activities and.....(this is a whole other blog topic.)
I so lucked out with Clare's team- the amazing parent organizer/coaches spouse- stopped me and said- the blue team's celebration parents want to host a bonfire- you OK combing efforts for the white team? Was I ever!  They even had a date in mind that worked for us!! And then it turns out the blue teams parents couldn't be any easier to work with and host an incredible gathering...bonfire on a perfect night like tonight!  I got lucky lucky lucky! We also really do have great girls, wonderful parents and two teams that work well and support each other- great program and one I'm proud and pleased to have Clare engaged with for many reasons.  Clare has grown and developed into a strong athlete this season and we're grateful for that opportunity. She's worked hard as have all the girls and it was a season that deserved the celebration tonight.  I'm a big believer in "celebrating success" parents did it and when I read Built to Last 
 that component of lasting qualities spoke to me: check it out here:  Life on Newark-Granville Road has many celebrations and tonight's was a good one!

One the other side I had forgotten that I had signed up to help Sally's team "celebrate their success" until  Sally crawled into bed with me this am and lax player friend says your planning the party for us...the pit in my stomach- how could I forget this responsibility? What to do...ignore it, call the coach a few hours before playing time, try to do it after the last game when we all get pulled to the next thing and summer scatters us....I do what I love to do- I pushed it aside and went about the need at hand- getting the day started and house cleaned up to prepare us for the week ahead as we'd be out late celebrating Clare's success.  I did email the coach and say I'd bring festive snacks to celebrate the final season.  While driving to drop Sally off for pre-game activities I realized I had time to make it festive and special.  I returned home to get a card table, cups, cooler and the silver champagne holder and a table cloth- nothing says celebrate like white linen and silver- right Kevin!!  I went to the IGA (referred to by those newer to town as "the market" love it!) and found sparkling apple juice, and Velvet Ice Cream Sandwiches and Bomb Pops- voila a celebration.  I set it all up at the beginning of the game to set the tone it was a special game and build the anticipation.  We gathered after the real treat- playing with the high school players- and toasted and thanked our coaches, coordinators, refs and parents and we toasted to Lax in Gville. Sally too has had a wonderful season and so have the girls she's played along side of on this team.  There are certainly a wide range of abilities but they're all in it together and having fun, learning the game and preparing for the future. The couple that makes it work juggle quite a bit and make it look effortless. The constant interaction of older girls setting the example and inspiring the path is darling.  We're all grateful for the lessons and actions of all involved. Cheers to a great season and sport in Granville making our lives on Newark-Granville Road active and fun and a treat to celebrate!

And here's to crossing off two always it doesn't happen withouth amazing support and partnership that what life on Newark-Granville Road has up and down and all around!! Woo Hoo!

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