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Sunday, May 26, 2013

Mr. Sun! Sun...thank you for shining on me......

ahhhhh- MCC didn't disappoint!  The sun's warm was a great bonus- we've had cold wet holidays there and we've had our fun.  This year we had the sun.  The temps were chilly but the NEW HEATER was working in the pool so the kids could swim.  They each had friends (thank you parents of those friends) to play with too!  Our lunch party on the updated patio was such a peaceful world stopping still moment for me- ahhhhh.  I did get my dip in the pool too....there is something so theraputic about stretching and using muscles in water, submerging the whole body, seeing the view under water.

The day connects to the rest of the weekend making Life on Newark-Granville Road oh so special today!.  At the Granville Farmers Market yesterday - I was able to take my time and really enjoy and see what was offered.  I bought my Farmers Market Salad supplies for dinner at Apple Valley.  I bought a new product- IJ Schwartz and Family - grown and grown with care wholewheat- Buttermilk pancake mix! They have pastry flour and other flours- how cool!  I made waffles today with this product- well packaged and presented at the market- the kids were a bit worried. Joe is the waffle maker but he had other work to do in Newark.  I looked at my batter and realized I was missing my whipped egg whites- Joe swears by that and I agree- love that he knows that!  I used organic eggs from friend's chickens and if I do say- the waffles were amazing!  I only had a taste as I had my own special farmers market bfast waiting.  The bonus was I had to run to get milk and my a few other apple valley our wonderful IGA there were local flowers (left over from the farmers market for sale)...I hadn't picked any up yesterday- I had run out of cash- bonus the most beautiful daisies, peonies and Lillis (not yet in bloom in my yard but noticed on the walk last night) are now in vases and made my breakfast oh so special.  The Go Cat bakery's leek scone was my treat.  I bought it yesterday with this morning in mind.  Melissa was right- they'd be incredible with cream chicken on top and I'll find a way to make that happen when entertaining at some point!

Time to get Peter ready for more baseball- North Newark Memorial Day Tourney didn't disappoint- highlight of our life was seeing boys doing what they love in a great setting close to home.  Love how the opening exercise included beautiful tribute and the National Anthem sung so very well by a friend's daughter and Works supporter.  Yes yesterday certainly didn't disappoint and the sun continues to shine and make life on Newark-Granville Road bright and happy.

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