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Monday, May 27, 2013

getting away....

Big thank you to the Westerville Leithausers for hosting us at Apple Valley this weekend- what fun! Despite the cold weather the kids swam and Uncle Scott took them tubing! He even skied last night after dinner- smart man as this morning was cooler- way cooler.  But that didn't stop the kids from their tube ride in the rain....very few folks on the lake, wet suits provided for all this year- bonus!  An uncle that will provide that kind of fun- worth his weight in gold- thank you!  And right beside him is Aunt Ann making sure everyone has plenty to eat, warm cozy towels and beds, activities galore...we're indeed fortunate to have such a happy place with traditions and family memories that unite and delight!  Ann and I have our fun with planning and found inspiration for our afternoon snack in a magazine...
another chuckle was Clare's adoption of "drifty" and the conversation and questions about our relationships to a piece of wood from the children. Many relaxing happy moments this and on Newark-Granville Road.

The weekend didn't go as we had originally thought but all rolled with things and it all ended up well. Joe and Peter spent all day Sunday at the baseball tournament.  Peter was in heaven. He loves this team and his coach is helping him really progress.  Dinner club didn't work out but a yummy summer dinner was a treat with grilled chicken and delicious salads.  It was during dinner when Sally had just delivered the phone that I answered a call from Peter. I put him on speaker and he shared something like......the game had gone to extra innings, he gave the details how the player ended up on 3rd base, then he was at bat.  He failed his bunt and it had gone to a full count....Peter hit a hard one to the 2nd baseman who dropped the ball so Peter made it to 1st and the person on 3rd scored the winning run....he was so proud and happy and I wanted to freeze time. Our evening fun continued and Joe and Peter moved on to the championship game.  The girls got their samores with a great fire by Scott.  Nadine and Jim returned for a quick hello and scoop on the game- how nice they went to watch and were able to see two wins!  Will helped Ann and I find Saturn and plan to see the other planets out for a few more nights- 3 close together just after sunset. Joe and Peter didn't join the Apple Valley fun until late in the night.  Peter found Ann and I at the campfire.  He gave us the ending to the 3rd game of the day- the B bracket championship- with the same happy lilt just toned down- they had lost but it was close- it was just one of those things...and he was OK with it. I love those moments.  Those moments define my life on Newark-Granville doing what they love with our support and their ability to articulate and share it.  We slept well under the blankets and enjoyed a lovely lazy morning with Joe's traditional omelets creative ingredients inspired by the farmers market.  Yes two amazing breakfast this weekend thanks to the Farmers Market!! See why you should join me there!! The highlight this trip to AV was the arugula and pepper bacon with green cherry tomatoes that were indeed sweet like candy- the vendor helped me with my selection he had 3 varieties for sale. The Lucky Cat bread with brie and the whole thing accompanied by Bellini's....yes the day started very well today!

Life on Newark-Granville Road wrapped up with a bike ride to town for Concert on the Green.  We love our time out of town and coming back in....getting away and coming home is always a good thing.

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