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Monday, May 20, 2013

The sun has set not long ago, now everyone it is time not to throw.
Practices are over, the 5K done over dinner we reflect on the fun.
With soap all over we scrub and scrub, making sure the ticks don't join the tub.
A quick IGA run so we can eat in the mornin, back out for one more errand.
The day is done, the tasks complete the time has come to go to sleep........

Inspired by one of our all time favorite's on Newark-Granville Road- Boyton's Going to Bed book. I also loved the Boyton characters in middle school- I have fond memories of using those notes for notes you passed in the 7th grade.  And a memory of a boy I had a crush on just came flooding back to me....and you know he looked like one of the kids I saw at the ball park the other day and I thought looked familiar....ahh the mind- fascinating isn't it.

.......what a beautiful day in Granville. It is hard to believe it could be so happy and good here and such pain has and is occurring in Oklahoma- breaks my heart.  Embracing each day is so important, working hard to earn the good night's sleep is a good way to live on Newark-Granville Road.

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