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Sunday, May 12, 2013

Living your Call

I love a good church day!  And my friends this was a good church weekend so I'm in a good place! We started with a beautiful service at St. Pauls' for our niece's 1st Communion.  This was our first time in their new sanctuary and it was lovely.  We were also included in communion.  The We being others that believe in Jesus Christ.  For this service special permission was acquired.  There was lovely commentary about the hope to connect us closer.  The act truly made me feel welcomed and closer to my catholic family than ever before- that is a good day.  Caroline was so sweet and happy. The whole group of children were a beautiful sight.  It always feels good to worship as a family and we enjoyed the time with Joe's parents- it had been too long.

Today's church experience in Granville included the session meeting to vote on new members.  This is more of formality of the Presbyterian governance and creates a nice get-to know opportunity.  It was wonderful to see and know many of the new members. Wonderful to see our church family growing in happy ways.  I have so enjoyed my time as the sponsoring elder to Morgan Baldwin who joined today as well- her confirmation process complete!  I also enjoyed meeting new neighbors in the group and having the opportunity to welcome this group in this way.  The service itself was rich with the new members and also a baptism (new neighbor)- darling family and sweet baby.  Having opportunity to accept additional baptism promises and having others to help with our children's guidance and faith development  was a bonus of the morning.  Clare, Peter and Sally joined their choir in a divine anthem for mother's day.  This choir is a joy of our faith experience for many reasons- many are the voices and faces that so reverent and joyously unite to connect us to God, bring the Spirit and lead us in worship.  I enjoyed participating in worship as the liturgist this morning. The scripture was Ephesians 6 1-4 a lovely section about call and service and living our lives.  I enjoy the opportunity to prepare and Rev. Karen helped me with discussion about this passage during a Nominating Committee meeting on Friday.  Living our call is something Joe and I try to honor.  It isn't easy at times and takes work, companionship, support and the church.  Life on Newark-Granville Road has many calls we're trying hard to live them well.  Clare, Peter and Sally allow me to work on the call of mother. Today is a day I'm grateful for my mother and mother in law that lived and lives their call to nurture, grow and support me and my siblings and her grandchildren.  Happy Mothers Day from Newark-Granville Road.

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Mary Helen-Art Saves Lives said...

Happy Happy Happy Mother's day!!!!!You are so loved! Peace, MHFS