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Friday, May 3, 2013

Why Derby.....

Earlier I explained the Derby party history, tonight I share they why do we have this party.    If we followed the logic this year that we did a few years ago - Susan went to China, so we gave Derby party a rest- we'd not be setting up the tent and procuring the quantities we are.  This year we went to Cuba and Africa yet we're still hosting Derby.  And with the full week of work (Explorer - our database/pos training) and 3 kids activities there are times we do pause and say- why?

So here are the answers:
1. We love the preparation.  It feels great to get the yard ready, to pull out the traditions- I 've talked about this before.  When driving the car tonight I was giddy and deeply happy.  It is the same feeling I had years ago driving a friends truck to pick up tables...that happy feeling is addictive and deserves to be repeated.
2. The kids love it and friends value and enjoy it to- we know this because you tell us- thank you.
3. We want to thank this community.  We're busy engaged people and we need the rides, the extra eyes, voices and love this community gives to each of us- not just the kids.  Tomorrow will be a day of amazing giving and as much as we wish we could actively be engaging with the fundraising efforts in town for Janet Greggory- we will be happy to greet you with - well done, lets toast your effort and success!  You make our lives on Newark-Granville Road what it is and we like to offer you hospitality for just that.

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