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Monday, May 6, 2013

Blogs and Book Club....

Ask and ye shall receive....thank you for sharing Derby photos and recaps with me. I had so much fun on Saturday but try as I might I can't be everywhere at that party.  The photos transport me around the event and I'm grateful!! Mary Helen took it a step further with wonderful commentary on her blog...see above...and Mary Helen thanks for being such a loyal reader too!  Nice to see you today.  I love  to watch connections- part of the photos seeing who was meeting and talking with whom!  The next exhibit in the Central Gallery will be very special and today Mary Helen helped with hospitality!!

So little heads up- the ticks have arrived.  I love what I learn at book club and when you have a wonderful vet in your group you learn things like- last Wed was the day.  So check your kids, your pets and your self please- in particular children playing under the big pine tree.....I'm scratching my head as I type.....Griffey is just fine- I rubbed his belly, scratched his back and then he didn't mind my ear inspection that came with some nuzzling.  Life on Newark-Granville road is well documented on the blog above and with the photos you've shared- thank you.


Mary Helen-Art Saves Lives said...

Ken burned a CD for you and Joe with additional memories of your glorious Derby experience. The generations played together and shared a wonderful Spring afternoon...your home is so welcoming and I felt the love as soon as I walked in the kitchen. You are such a great woman! Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

SSLeithauser said...

THank you so much on so many levels Mary Helen!!