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Thursday, May 9, 2013

When Was the Last Time You Laughed Until You Cried?

For me it was a few hours ago....and oh did it feel good!  When was the last time that happened for you? After gaining composure from snorting, shaking and leaking due to a conversation with a dear co-worker about a scheduling subject that struck me silly I remembered fondly a time in the 9th grade I laughed in this way. It was in Mr. Surken's English Class at Mercersburg we were working on anagrams.  I ended up with "sea snot runs" and he was  "U R Nasal Puke" and it put me into a fit of laughter- wonderful cleansing laughter. Laughter with tears feels good, it is a release.

How appropriate during teacher appreciation week I had this glimpse back in time.  -Mr. Surken was indeed a beloved teacher for so many reasons.  Great conversations, respect, friendship and love of a beautiful place of learning and growth  Mr. Surken set a high bar.  There were a number of other teachers - not all in the classroom- Mrs. Porterfield our choir director is another that I'm grateful for the influence they had in my life.  I also believe I need to thank Paul Surken for my love of discussing books!  Book Club today connects in my mind tonight with those classes in PA so long ago...English Classes at AAHC and even at Denison- history classes discussing Rabbit Run....all go back to the place where we laughed, learned, loved, read and talked with wonderful leadership and teaching.

I'm doing the same thing today in my life on Newark-Granville Road.  At Work, at CVL, in church, at the dinner table and in many other ways...we're reading, learning, laughing and loving and even laughing at times so hard we cry and it feels good.

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Mary Helen-Art Saves Lives said...

you make my heart smile!!!!!!!!! Peace, MHFS