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Sunday, June 23, 2013


I've been anxious to share with you the fun of camping this weekend- the extended daylight hours time out doors trump typing time.  Thank you again to those that share with me when and how they enjoy this blog- it means a great day and was a nice part of my "longest day of the year" camping trip!

Camping at MCC is a true treat and here is the "why"....I enjoy camping. I've enjoyed it since I was a kid with my parents. I enjoyed sleeping in a tent- albeit a platform tent- at Girl Scout Camp and then Camp Alleghany. I loved our family camping trips at Lake Raystown in high school/college summers and I loved camping with my friends those same summers.  Joe and I camped early in our relationships...ahhh campsite number 4 in Hocking Hills.  All of my camping has taken place in lovely settings with lots of trees.  MCC is a lovely setting with lots of trees.  All of my camping experiences extend the time with friends and don't have much on the agenda other than- eating well, enjoying a prolonged cocktail time (even when I don't consume alcohol, childhood included- I love what cocktail time represents), looking at the night sky, enjoying the quiet of morning.  Camping at MCC includes all of these things and the most important- creating happy positive memories as family.

So some details from MCC time to help explain the why.  I need to give accolades to others who help make the event what it is. We've been doing this for 8 years now and each year is unique and special. Each year there are campers who impress and help the others.  Years past it has been Abbotts, Tells, Fords and Wilsons-each setting up their camp site with unique options like music, or impressive tents. Or delivering The Leithausers simply erect tents, put our belongings in and soak up the atmosphere.  This year James Houstaeu's tent made the endeavor so very picturesque- hopefully enticing others to join the fun on July 20th.  The Malishenko family became our hosts this year. They were ready- brought their own fire pita nd supplies, awesome chairs, table, lantern- it was so inviting!  We had a lovey late evening samore feast with music to set the tone.  Even the next morning Natalie provided delicious coffee in pottery mugs and donuts that delighted the children.  Thank you Malishenkos- we enjoyed the time together and your outdoor hospitality.

The other fun of MCC camping is the fact that my family and I spend extended time at a place we love.  A place that allows me to relax and enjoy, escape and vacation just down the street.  We arrived at 5 pm on Friday and left at 4 pm on Saturday. Okay I did make a quick trip home to walk the dog and go to the farmer's market Sat am.  The conversations around the table or campfire, or by the pool are not rushed and happen with all ages 3 to 90. Dinner and lunch were a bonus- my favorite soft shell crabs- I'm telling you I had the same happy feeling at MCC this weekend that I do when I go home to Maryland or gather at the beach with my full family.  I loved lying in my tent with the open air screen. Looking at the bright night sky-amazing moon this weekend and listening to the whispers and giggles, low chatter, crickets and snaps.So wonderfully relaxing.  It was the same in the morning watching the shade of blues lighten and glow. Listening to the birds incredible range of twirts, tweets, chirps and songs was a great start to the day.  The kids adore the time and make their own fun.  I enjoy the time with other family and other children. 

It wasn't perfect and there are some snafus I'll talk about in future blogs but for now know how happy my life was on Newark-Granville with camping at MCC.


Mary Helen-Art Saves Lives said...

And you were all privileged to host the Super moon..the Perigae moon and all of its beautiful moon glows ....sleeping under the "Strawberry Moon"... Lovers Moon... the Summer moon! You had the best of all worlds. Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

SSLeithauser said...

Yes I do Mary Helen- love your comment- thank you!