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Saturday, June 8, 2013

good place to be

While driving back to Newark-Granville Road from Hillard this aftnernoon I was teary listening to Clare call my parents, then Joe to share the good news- her tourney lax team won two games today and should be going back to play tomorrow!  The pure happiness, the pride, the tired enthusiasm poured into the world.  Clare is in this place due to her own hard work- getting to practices on her bike, listening and applying the lessons of her coaches.  Instrumental has been the support and work of many.  I love team sports and what they teach our kids.  I love the camaraderie it provides- I'm a terrible play date mom with three kids going their directions, my own work and volunteerism- it is hard to make that happen.  I'm grateful to coaches and families of the coaches and the behind the scene organizers.  The other parents that make spending five and half hours together such a lovely experience.

However it goes beyond just happy to be doing it- it is fun to be in those moments. Today was a great day.  Getting to just hang out with a whole bunch of nice, hard working healthy families, in the sunshine, in the grass- I was barefoot most of they day. We watched, we cheered, we chatted, we encouraged one anothers children and our community- only Granville group out there - I wore my blingy blue ace with pride.  How fun it made its way to my hands this am- havent' thought about this shirt in ages.  The coaches have worked hard and their faces beamed with pride too.... Last night they lost but they played well and they were all pleased to be competing at this level. Joe and Clare had quality daddy/daughter time over dinner too.  I'm proud of Clare being able to articulate and understand the accomplishments. The wins were deserved and we're in a good place.

(curious what is going on with the other kids on Newark-Granville Road...Peter's baseball team- which I could be writing about above as well- is competing in the Shrine- Joe is there with Sally.  I was in a good place last night as well, watching his team compete. It was a tough loss but still a place of learning and activity and support that I value.)

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