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Friday, June 28, 2013

seeing the comfort.

I often find myself saying- funerals are for the living.  A friend and I were sharing preferences when paying our respect to the deceased. She prefers calling hours, I prefer the funeral.  She remarks on the comfort the family members give those that attend calling hours, when it feels as if it should be the other way.  I spoke of wanting to attend funerals for the living, to show my support.

Here is something I'm not sure I'm suppose to say but because this is a journal of such and I work out feelings and thoughts here, and you all help with comments and follow-up conversations.  I thought maybe I'd revealed this before, but it looks like I've only shared sentiments about funerals I've attended. But here it is - I like funerals. Okay- maybe "like" isn't the correct word.  Please know I don't wish for them, I don't seek them out, I don't attend them if I don't know someone or feel a true reason for attending. However when I go I find great comfort. I benefit from seeing families together.  Seeing friends gathering to comfort one another, honor, respect and celebrate.  I love being together with the Holy Spirit and worshiping, singing, praying. I like closure and funerals provide a bit of that. I value the learning that happens about the deceased and the family. Since my own grandmother's funeral I'm amazed and pleased with the comfort scripture, reflections and music provide.

Today was no exception.  Today the community gathered at Swasey Chapel for the: Celebration of Life and Witness to the Resurrection for James E. Barton.  Reverend Dick Ellsworth led us with wonderful explanations that moved us along. He confirmed things I know but found benefited in hearing.  The Unison Prayer- we're not to be alone in life. God is with us and give us one another - friends and family.  It was an intentional service with family involvement by all generations that was quite remarkable. Tears, laughs, smiles, hugs, sighs, prayers, stories and scripture joined together to provide comfort. Jim Barton's influence and legacy was indeed celebrated and his faith and our faith prevails and comforts.  Faith builds our communities and allows us to comfort and be comforted- a lesson I want to provide in my life on Newark-Granville Road.  I wish much comfort for The Barton families and all those that love Big Jim.  I'm grateful to have known Jim and am fortunate his family has made my life richer on Newark-Granville Road thanks to the friendships provided to me and my family. It was very evident today of those that were touched by Jim's big love of life. Alleluia, Amen.

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Mary Helen-Art Saves Lives said...

I found myself wrapped in a human hug
circle last month when my precious brother Larry died so suddenly and so young! Do not worry about the right words...just having you show up is the support one often needs. Words are so inadequate when we try to communicate our loss but knowing the families united are there as the future unfolds. I knew Jim...but not well but I am sending his family my prayers. Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart