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Friday, June 14, 2013

has chocolate chip cookies......

Many of you know we've had our sitter challenges this year. I also want you to know we've had amazing ones along the way and currently do too- woo hoo!  It is VBS week and little things are needed along the way, coins for amazing effort to support Janet Greggory, a rock to paint and cookies for the wrap up picnic.  I had every plan to just buy cookies- boy am I glad a I didn't.  Without any prompting to me our sitter yesterday figured out the cookie need and so she and Sally baked chocolate chip cookies yesterday!

When I came home after a really wonderful day yesterday- there they were and boy they tasted good.  I'm so grateful for this new sitter in our lives for many reasons beyond cookies.  The care, sharing, identifying of a need represents the way this sitter has interacted with our kids from day one!  Our other sitter has been with us for years and is doing wonderful things with her life. I'm so grateful she jumped right back into our summer routines handling the crazy schedules like an air traffic controller- calm, cool and collected- relieving so much of my stress.

It has been a very good week.  Today's running song that took me to a very happy place is "Friday I'm in Love" The Cure! It is an all time favorite for many reasons and was perfect.  The week has had some ups and downs but love carries us through on Newark-Granville Road.

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