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Wednesday, June 12, 2013

with and without Coffee

Another simple blog brain just isn't in a place to dig deep. I also want to keep a balance of Susan rambling about her personal happenings and fyis about what is happening in our community and why I am placing it out here in cyber world.  So today I will talk about coffee.  Coffee plays a key place in our lives on Newark-Granville Road.  We're not fancy- we have a basic 12 cup coffee maker.  We don't get the one cup thing that is so hot right now.  We added a bean grinder this year and I think it does make better coffee.  We like to buy Dunkin Donuts Coffee, but the reality is we usually buy what is on sale.  We like a darker roast and I know we should really be finding a free trade coffee like what is avaiable at church or River Road.  We make coffee 3 or 4 times a week.  The other days we.....

1. Stop at Whit's.  Joe enjoys this ritual and occasionally when I really need coffee will do this too. Yesterday I never got coffee.  This isn't a day breaker for me, but my days always go a little better when coffee is in the start-up equation.
2. Stop at River Road- this is a huge treat for all of us.  The kids LOVE coffee shop runs and it is a sure way to get them out of bed.  They were raised there.  When I wasn't working it was part of the get out of the house for the stay at home mom.  Post exercise we'd go over...ahhh great times.  The kids still have their favorites- Peter's Medium Hot Chocolate with Whip Cream, Kid Temp makes him happy. And I have to say it is a great hot chocolate- rich with deep flavor but drinkable.  The girls like the smoothies- although Clare has moved to juice more. They also love the bagels...everything toasted with cream cheese.  Clare isn't loving the cookies since a change and for some reason isn't as drawn to the chocolate muffins as she use to be...her palate is advancing?  I adore the crisp well balanced biscotti- a treat every now and then...the olive oil ones are a savory treat.  Oh and back to the coffee..I get a latte- always Med- perfect balance. Sometimes I do soy, I love when I remember to ask for the amazing organic milk and always skim. Joe does tall dark roast no room for cream.

I love the whole coffee house/Batista culture that is now part of every community.  I love the decorative foam touch- hears make me smile.  I love the vocabulary and acronyms and meeting for coffee opportunities.

2b- drive through River nice to have this opportunity and it is on my way to to take Granville Road into town, see the kids in their uniforms and the old houses.

3. Simply Rising Cafe- downtown coffee shop with amazing owners- everything is personalized and presented with care- the steamed milk on top of my latte is like butta......great place for lunch too!

4.The Sparta- Another great place to get great coffee that is free trade. This is also an amazing breakfast and lunch spot. Chris is doing wonderful social entrepreneurship work here plus keeping a historic special place happening- it is worth the tiny extra effort to stop here in the morning and a great place to meet folks.

5. Village Coffee in the Village of Granville....always something yummy- the Cinnamon roll muffin yum! I also love their Chai- afternoon pick me up!

6. I will do Caribou when I'm out that way and need a drive thru.....

That about covers the is on my mind as I said- didn't get any yesterday.  If I arrive at work sans coffee I can usually make my way to the kitchen and Justin or Mr. Mike have it ready to go- such a treat.  And every now and then we luck out with coffee upstairs thanks to Jenna or those morning meetings....

And the last thing I'll say is I always prefer my coffee in porcelain. I really don't like it in Styrofoam, can do it in paper.  I'm not crazy about sippy cup lids and if you check my desk you'll find the collection of what I've used that week- the Lilly P cups are my favorite when traveling from home- right size, pretty, the thickness is just right.  Life on Newark-Granville Road enjoys coffee is better with coffee. It is best when shared with a friend.

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