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Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Times have changed.....

Wow- there is a lot to do in our larger community.....I went on to the Columbus parent magazine best of Columbus ballot and didn't know two thirds of the places nominated!! Take a look...maybe I need to get off Newark-Granville Road and into Columbus a bit the mean time please do vote for The Works- it is a great place and we need all the help we can get in the Columbus when people from beyond our lovely corner find The Works- they're always so pleased they did!  The Works stays vibrant thanks to lots of visitors- admissions dollars- members, donors.  The Works is a great secret and it is time to let the secret out- this is a great way!  Let others know too and vote daily!!

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CAST YOUR VOTE TO MAKE THE WORKS THE BEST MUSEUM IN COLUMBUS! Go to vote. This link takes you to the entire survey. If you don’t wish to complete the entire survey, simply go to Page 4 and cast your vote for the best museum on question #12 then scroll to the end of the survey and hit DONE. SHARE THIS LINK WITH FRIENDS!

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