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Sunday, June 16, 2013

loving fathers......

So it is Father's day on Newark-Granville Road and I'm behind and I feel badly.  The Leithausers don't make hoo-has of holidays or better said special occasion days. The Stoners celebrate a bit more but keep it pretty simple. However days like this make me miss being able to drop off a card in person, make dinner for my parents and give my Dad a hug.  This year I did get a good card out to my mom on time...not the case for my Dad.sorry...but the book we've talked about it on it's way though!! You know my lack of on time gift delivery or card doesn't reflect how much I love, respect and appreciate you Daddy.  The picture above left is from a family photo shoot in 2008.  The beach photo sits on my desk and I adore- same situation- family photo shoot at the beach in 2011-Matthew, Mike, Greg and Joe.

Anyway I thought I'd take the time to share some sentiments, document it in my on-line journal of know that is one of the reasons I blog- documenting things for the future. I've never been very good at keeping a journal going with this much regularity. And certainly some thoughts about my Dad and my husband- my children's Dad is a worthy entry.  So here to you, forgive me if I've blogged about this before- it is feeling familiar in my head but I didn't see anything as I scanned the past entries.

So many people say Joe and my Dad (Michael Watson Stoner) look a like- you know the old- you married your Dad kind of thing.  The funny thing is we think my brother in law- Greg- looks like my Dad as well- similar mannerism make it even more so.  And yes Matthew's darling wife resembles my mom- but today it is about the Dads.  The reality is I did marry someone quite like my father because my Dad and Joe are both very committed to their kids. Both Joe and Dad love their wives and the mother of their children and show their children that through word and action in intentional ways.  Both of these great men have made family a priority and careers allow quality family time. This is a good thing not only for me but my kids- they get not only a great Dad but a great Pap!  The better news is Joe's Dad is a wonderful Dad too so we're surrounded by wonderful fathers.  They both like blue grass music and good food and their wives cooking.  They like sports and enjoy sharing that love with Peter- makes for fun conversations when we are together. They both were collegiate athletes- yes Joe played JV at basketball at Denison and Daddy swam at Virginia Tech, at Mercersburg was All American. They like cross word puzzles and brain teasers. They take their kids camping (kids are sleeping out tonight on Newark-Granville Road in prep for MCC family camp out this week!!) I could go on and on but will wrap up tonight's blog. In closing-yes, they do look a like outside and inside and it is a very good thing for my life on and off Newark-Granville Road.


Mary Helen-Art Saves Lives said...

beautiful post my dear Susan.............peace, Mary helen

SSLeithauser said...

Thank you Mary Helen- lots of blessings to you.