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Friday, June 7, 2013

is alive with the arts!

Shout out to PNC and their support of the Arts. It was a treat to be on hand for the announcements of the PNC Arts Alive Grant Recipients this week. The Works has benefited in the past as we've partnered with The Midland and the Newark-Granville Symphony.  I'm a fan of the arts and how much richer our lives are when our brains create, escape, re-think, soothe, question and enjoy in only ways the arts can stimulate!  So thank you PNC!

That said- it is a weekend full of the arts in our communities.  The Columbus Art Festival is happening and The Works glass artist is there- Lawrence Tuber!  Down the street the Granville Art Festival- Kathy Anderson, Tony Reynold, Pearly Vine are my favs...and when driving to work today- Knit Bombers did a number on a bike and tree - so so fun and happy and artistic....and metal worker made a horse on the lawn of the Baptist/UCC made me smile to see the arts surrounding me in life on Newark-Granville Road!

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