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Sunday, June 9, 2013

what do the cows do.....

So I have not conducted a scientific study with empirical and measurable evidence but I'm feeling confident in saying: if cows are laying down, it does not predict rain.  I do hope you grew up hearing what I always heard...if you see cows laying down, it means rain.  I had many a Sunday drive, a drive to school through the country and would observe cows up and down in both fair and inclement weather conditions.

For whatever reason this week has allowed me to notice our cow's patterns connected to the weather.  They're really not our cows but we do feel a connection since they are down the street and we seem them often, and smell and hear them not quite as often (thank goodness).  Griffey and I have done our morning runs and noticed- cows laying down and guess what- no rain.  Tonight while walking the dog - in the rain- I share with you- cows were standing up.  In fact they were not only standing up they were shuffling, even frolicking.

Life on Newark-Granville Road is pleased we are able to share this information. The cows keep us connected to the country life and agricultural industry we value in both Joe and my family and personal histories.  Future blogging material no doubt!

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