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Saturday, June 29, 2013

figure eight looping with camp!

Nothing feels like summer quite like camp prep and thunder storms- today is a summer day! Full and fun filled with amazing scents and feelings, activities and tastes.  However those have been distractions from the main focus in our life on Newark-Granville Road today of preparing  for camps!

Clare has done a wonderful job with her list and efforts- the last bathing suit was secured this afternoon and we do need a disposable camera but we're close. We can also mail her forgotten items and the camp store and fellow campers will fill in any missing items. She is a good packer- organizer- and Joe put her good efforts to use in assisting Peter for his departure next Sunday.  Nice to witness this sibling support in our home!

So Clare- going to Camp Alleghany for 3 weeks- it gets my memories going and not just my own from my time there the summer following my 5th and 6th grade years.  I'm thinking back to our tour a few summers ago with Clare and her interest in the tents, particularly the trunks! Christmas morning had a trunk under the tree for Clare this year and it made her smile that sweet sincere smile I adore. I wonder if you can check out the trunk in the photo- focus in- I love how she has adorned it with stickers-stickers that reflect who she is and what she values.  She has been wearing that smile a good bit today and had it on as we loaded up the car a few minutes ago....No doubt tomorrow will bring a variety of feelings and butterflies and tears for me and quite a bit to blog about in the future!

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Mary Helen-Art Saves Lives said...

Clare is such an amazing young woman and I do understand her leaving for three weeks will be hard on a young mother's heart. and Joe have done a wonderful job lifting this young woman up...she is going to shine !! Happy Trails! Peace, Mary Helen