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Sunday, June 2, 2013

Graduation Parties

What a delight to be included in so many graduation parties this year and the extra bonus was the fun the kids had as well. We're lucky to have great friends and what a treat to have friends with great kids that we have enjoyed getting to know in the community.  It was an honor to celebrate with many families and share this special time in these families' lives.  Church also honored our seniors with a lovely service and blessing- well done FPC!

A highlight of the weekend was a dear friend and her daughters friends brought family brought friends and families to The Works for a party.  I so enjoyed being the connection and staff/host with the event.  The courtyard was decorated in clever and darling ways making a unique and special celebration for these four great kids and their guests.  We heard many people say they never thought about utilizing the works in this way...wahoo- many fun ways to entertain at The Works and I'm happy to help you make something happen- visit for more details!  The Works also have team building and meeting space!

Another fun part of graduation hoo-hah is the memories it own graduation from Altoona Area High School.  The white dress I loved, the graduation party at my parents house, going out after the actual ceremony...what was the name of that restaurant...strawberry lemonade, mozzarella sticks....I can see it in my head.....hmmm....Anyway it doesn't feel that long ago but it actually was...over 25 years....1986!

And speaking of long time ago..The Memorial Golf Tournament was Joe's and my first date- 1997- it rained but that didn't matter. The tourney was the invited date- the informal dinner before was deemed the first date.....And Reunion Weekend at Denison- good things always happen on the hill in June.  We benefit from the opportunity to connect with great alums back in town every year- and this year was no different.

A great weekend kicking off June, saying farewell to crazy May and getting ready to embrace summer on Newark-Granville Road!

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