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Wednesday, October 9, 2013

60 page views and TV time.

Yay- 60 people looked at my blog yesterday..this makes me happy.  Thank you.  I've had a range of up to 132 and as few as 13...I would like to expand my reach. Any help you can provide to forward, like, share...I don't have many people that "subscribe" and get my updates via email- that would be fun to increase as well.  I'd also love to know more of what you like to read about- the kids, the dog, events, life just on the road/in town, off, ideas, work? Or what you'd like to read less about- see above items.  The blog started as a way to share ideas and has become more. I post for myself- the writing is good for me. I respond  and value to your encouragement and perspectives.

So I'm heading off to watch on Newark-Granville Road doesn't have the TV on too much. We have one TV in the kitchen-mostly used for sports.  We have one in the basement- mostly used for Ducky Dynasty by the kids, Dance Moms, Cup Cake Wars.....I know I know....but we don't let the kids watch much at all if any during the week....and weekends it is rest time...they're active and keeping up with grades and help.  I watch Nashville on Wed, Thursdays- Grey's Anatomy and Scandal, Sundays I watch Revenge- often with friends.  I love movie nights when we curl up downstairs- but they are few and far between lately. So that is life on Newark-Granville Road....screen time does happen with Ipads but I'm pleased to say we read more than we watch around here.

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