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Sunday, October 27, 2013

Hello Blog..It's Me Susan.....

I've not given this blog much attention this week....the reality is I've had a very rich week and there is almost too much to blog about, and then the reality of not taking the time to reflect- too busy being in the moments and resting from and for the moments!!

Highlights since we were last together:
-The Ohio State School for the Blind Marching Band.  WOW! Thursday night was a big rival game- Granville vs Newark-Catholic at Granville.  I don't feel the need to attend the school football games, but my kids like to go. I signed up to work the Levy tent to give the kids the opportunity. The bonus for me was to experience this half time show with these beautiful students on the field and our band students cheering them on....bonus was talking last night with musicians that have worked with this group- amazing for sooo many reasons- too many to explore right now.
-FAMILY MATTERS- the art exhibit at The Works: Ohio Center for History, Art and Technology in downtown Newark.  This is an incredible show for so many reasons- art, history and science all showcased and the collective effort.  PLEASE come see me or someone at The Works and learn more behind the scenes about this show. It started with two artist friends and family photos....if you value family, art, vintage, creativity, the 50s, cool art science you will appreciate this show!  The opening was particularly special for me as we embraced it under Janice's leadership and dressed the part and entertained with 50s inspiration that aligned beautifully with the evening.  Being part of the family celebration for the opening was an honor. This morning a friend noted the memories of her own family that were inspired by the too!
-Celebrating 50th birthday of dear friend:  Kelly Baldwin turned 50 and it is a busy month...the only time I truly had to share her day was the morning and it is appropriate as much of friendship has been spent in the morning running/walking at The Campus or on Newark-Granville Road.  I miss having and attending Saturday morning coffees...going back to my Omaha days and coffee chat. So the fun run/walk-coffee open house was the event to celebrate this special friend and her special birthday.  Other friends embraced too and helped me execute...hence the balloon arch in our front yard!  Life on Newark-Granville is bright and cheery and celebratory- filled with joy!  What a lovely morning we had for many reasons.   I wish I had more time to dig into the details but the kids embracing preparation Friday night and the signs they worked on touched me.  Peter's run with us touched me.
-Earlier in the week many STEM work events- too many to list here but a full worthwhile week producing great pride in the work of The Works under Marcia Downes and Rick Platt's leadership.
-Pearly Vine- Heidi Halliday Ackley- this Denison friend is so talented and fun to be with- loved supporting her.  Wednesday evening was a treat.
-Gatsby Affair- Rotary Auction.  Service Above Self is Rotary's motto.  I've so valued this new outlet for service and admire the local and international accomplishments and impact (NO MORE POLIO).  I've heard about the Newark Rotary Auction for years and this was part of the committee to help.  However my time commitments made it difficult. Lucky for me I paired up with a veteran of the event and I partnered with her on an idea to provide make up for the Gatsby era.   We learned a number of lessons and only had a small impact but it worked beautifully.  The time with these women was very special for me and I'm grateful.  Being out with Joe in his white dinner jacket, supporting and helping in our small way made for another highlight of my week.

Last Sunday I wasn't quite sure how all the important to-dos were going to happen.  Thanks to friends, prayer, Joe and passion I'm able to reflect now on the joy it brought. All of these things and so many more were joyous moments for me.  Today's sermon and theme for our week with everyday faith- joy and rejoicing!  I love the point that joy is beyond happiness- it is hope, optimism- it is living out God's will.    And now we go into this week...ready for the other joy that awaits on Newark-Granville Road.

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