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Wednesday, October 16, 2013

read the signs.....

Signs, signs, everywhere there are signs.......and I'm not just talking about the yard signs advocating you to vote for an issue or person.  I've posted about political signs before...the year I chaired the Library Levy I probably blogged daily about them.  No doubt I've shared Joe desire for there to be no signs in our yard, however we compromised and agreed we'd put only a few.  We have some guidelines- we must know the person and obviously have some respect for their effort.  We appreciate very much those that commit and serve our community by serving in office.  We love our freedom and what it represents and often that means disagreement and challenge.  We're lucky to live in a country founded on just that...we need to use it for good and positive and progress.  I'll refrain from going into thoughts about what is happening in DC right now......back to the signs....

I'd like to call your attention to the "VOTE YES FOR GRANVILLE SCHOOLS" sign in our yard and many many other yards in Granville.  I encourage you to to learn about this levy and join us in voting yes.  Joe and I have three children in three schools.  We experience first hand the quality education they receive.  Is it perfect- no, do I wish there were languages earlier yes, what I do know is what is there is high quality and we're lucky to have the hard working, dedicated staff preparing our future citizens. Education is critical to our communities success on so many levels.  Good things are happening and we need to keep momentum moving forward with a yes vote.

If you are reading this and you don't live in the Granville School District, I ask you to look at your own signs around- do you have a levy or school bond on your ballot?  I learned about the Southwest School District Bond in Pataskala yesterday- everyone needs to vote yes for that one in that community- wow! There is no reason not too facilitate that funding AND there is tremendous need- this knowledge makes me grateful for all the good happening in our community and reinforce the YES vote for Granville Schools.  I learned last week about the school levy in Utica...all my Utica friends- PLEASE support your schools, the children's education and opportunities for hands-on learning, real life preparation-it matters to all of us all over Licking County!!

So those were my signs...when I learned about two other levies I was reminded of the signs in my yard in my life on Newark-Granville Road.  I hope you'll notice the signs in your life and plan to VOTE on Nov. 5th!

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