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Sunday, October 20, 2013

pumpkin patches......

This year's window boxes are pumpkin patches...we used the straw that has been in the garage for some time now...left over care for Sparky.  Straw in the window boxes with pumpkins...maybe the mouse that we've yet to catch....ARGH....will move out there- quite a nice nest.  As I was placing, shushing, arranging the straw into the boxes I felt like I was making a nest.

We needed more pumpkins- I LOVE my Devine Farm fun pumpkins but didn't want to put them all in the straw- like having some on the porch steps- so I took the kids to the pumpkin patch to pick their pumpkins.  I have sooo many fond memories of doing this myself, with friends in Omaha, with the the rain, two days before Halloween...we drove right all of Central Ohio was there- we crept along like we were in 5 pm Friday traffic.  But we made really didn't want to be there- they played along so I could then drop them at Denison to kick field goals- a favorite new activity with Joe.  It was the fastest selection of pumpkins ever..of course I equate this to Christmas Tree shopping...I have to hold on to days like today- what a gorgeous beautiful fall day....that December ritual will be here soon!

Anyway....welcome to our pumpkin patch on Newark-Granville Road keeping life here orange and festive! Enjoy it- pumpkins are Thanksgiving decor in my life on Newark-Granville Road!

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