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Tuesday, October 1, 2013

more nights like these......

Joe said on night early in our marriage...I thought there would be more nights like these. And indeed they are the perfect nights. The nights were we enjoy a gourmet meal I have loved to cook, a night where no one fights, or is late or is shuffled somewhere....where we play cards, dog snores and we look at each other across the room sigh contentedly.    But geez would we appreciate the nights like tonight if there were more of those?

Life on Newark-Granville Road was lovely for soooo many reasons. We'll start with the weather.  We have embraced Fall and it is here.  The evenings are cool and the days warm (really this is Vermont summer and weather I love in summer)....We left the house for our outing in jeans, tshirts but sweaters and sweatshirts in tow.  We shared a warm fire, friends, kids play and birthday joy all wrapped in two and half hours that made for a special night.

Clare is so happy-our confident teen is learning, growing and grateful- can't ask for more than that. Being the first comes with responsibility and reward (I'm a first born) and she is setting a wonderful example and being herself. Fun to listen to her younger siblings digest and admire her accomplishments.  Each of our children- just like yours- our their own individuals and we're in awe. What the future holds no one knows.  What I do know is tonight was very special- nothing I planned a week ago and that is good too.....more nights like these keep us grateful this one was just what it was on Newark-Granville Road. Happy Birthday to all you October 1st Libras!

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